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We sell Used European Vehicles including Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche. Each of our cars are inspected by trained and experienced auto mechanics before they are offered to the public for sale. Our mechanic, Mick Radojkovic has over 40 years of experience in the auto repair business. German Motors has been in business beginning in 1980. We have a good reputation in the East Bay of California, and have been in San Ramon, California starting in 1985.

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We can search for and provide for you any used car that you are looking for. Our prices for quality used cars are very good. We have several resources available to us for finding your car for you.

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European autos are thought of and known as being of high quality, and a step above in the automobile world. People who purchase these cars, makes being Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche are looking for something a little extra in their driving experience. What can we tell you? People who buy cars often already have a good idea of which make and model of auto they wish to purchase. People tend have brand loyalty when it comes to purchasing an automobile. So, what are some of the reasons people give for being an enthusiast of a certain make of European auto? Some cursory research on the internet offers some clues.

Take Audi for example. In a thread posted on the internet, some reasons for people liking Audi vehicles were told as thus. One person thought that the interiors of Audi cars are world class and superior. The interiors were described as nicer, more modern, and technologically advanced. Mentioned was the LCD in the middle of the speedometers. Then was mentioned by this person that he thought the Quattro has the best AWD there is. He said that an all wheel drive is in his opinion one of the best safety features you can get, and that Quattro is the best AWD system from any manufacturer. Also spoken of was ?serious styling?. He said that he really liked the LED headlamps on the Audi. These are things to think about when considering a used Audi.

Why do people like BMW? Again looking at internet discussions, we can read about one person?s opinion of BMW. They really valued the superior handling. ?Take a BMW into the mountains and you?ll see how it?s way better than most cars you?ve driven? He mentions that driving pleasure is a motivating factor in deciding to buy BMW. A drawback might be that is it so much of a car as far as pure driving experience is concerned, that somebody purchasing a car simply to get from point A to point B would be purchasing too much of a car. In telling of this, purchasing a BMW at it?s base price might mean you are getting fewer features than you would if you had bought another brand at it?s base price. So you would want to include some options when buying a BMW. But, then again the prestige factor of a BMW would then again be greater than that of a Lexus, Infinity, or an Acura. European autos are sexy. Why not consider a used BMW as you would not be paying as much as for new, with or without options.

What is is about Mercedes Benz which some people see as special? I?ll recap what was told to me. ?They are very nice cars, they ride nice, they are very safe, are very dependable?. A few people might say that they are higher maintenance than other makes of automobile, but this man has not experienced this, but rather the opposite.

Another source speaks about the older Mercedes-Benz diesels produced between 1968 and 1985 and raves that they are the best mass produced vehicles ever made. Additionally there is the current zeitgeist of environmental responsibility. Buying a used car is reusing which is akin to recycling. Also a diesel car is fuel efficient. There are even options for renewable and reusable fuel sources. The vehicles continue to be seen on today?s roads, which shows that they have longevity. One can see that a used Mercedes-Benz can in some instances can be a wise choice.

So, what about Porsche? Why would you drop everything, sell everything else in your garage, and buy a used Porsche? Well that would have to be entirely up to you, but here is glowing expression from one driver. His first experience with a Porsche on an open track was an eye opener. Turning the key did not result in a great deal of noise, but rather sounded refined and luxurious. Hitting it into first gear does not jolt but rather gives the sensation of a luxury sedan. Then the turbos come on and each tire grabs the track like the legs of a sprinter pounding the turf. There is ample power to push you back into your seat, and to press you at every turn, but at the same time, the entire experience feels like one was being chauffeured in a Rolls Royce. A Porsche can pamper you while letting you entertain fantasies of traveling in a jet fighter aircraft.

Brand loyalty in an automobile can be both subjective and objective. There are so many makes and models of cars to choose from and so many individual experiences with cars that listening to all of this information can be a preoccupation in itself. Some people spend their entire lives thinking about and communicating about cars. In any case the automobile has become an integral part of our culture and our lives.

We are a company which does used European Auto Sales in addition to other services. We really know cars. We have been around for a very long time. Why not take advantage of our experience? Thanks for reading.

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